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The Wizard of Oz

by L. Frank Baum
April 2000
Northcott Young Company
Lighting Design : Jon Primrose
Set Design : Becky Hawkins
Directors : Rachel Vowles, John Whitehead

Northcott Theatre, Exeter

The second Northcott Youth Company production relied heavily on lighting effects to distinguish between the many locations Dorothy and her friends visit. As the photos show, fairly heavy use of gobos here ! The final image of Act I as the friends approach Emerald City had me scratching my head for days – I tried making a gobo of a cityscape, using an overhead projector to project the cityscape, shadow projection of the cityscape but eventually settled on three overlapped linear breakup gobos (second photo on the right) from the rear of the auditorium. Worked a treat ! This was also my first use of moving lights at the Northcott – two Mac 500s, and two Mac 600s. The wash lights helped get me out of a mess with lighting the midstage gauze evenly, and the spots were invaluable at picking up solos in large choruses, and highlighting principals.

Seneca’s Oedipus

adapted by Ted Hughes

“Thirty years on from the original National Theatre production, Ted Hughes’ thrilling version of Seneca’s Oedipus has lost none of its power to shock and disturb.
Using a dramatic verse of characteristic richness and intensity, this unique re-telling of the Oedipus myth will be Artistic Director John Durnin’s final production for the Northcott.”

Northcott Theatre, Exeter.
Performances 26th March – 11th April 1998
Lighting Design : Jon Primrose
Set Design & Direction : John Durnin

A really pleasing result here. My first really stylised design, a good communication with the set designer/director enabled me to establish the look of the show early on, and work through the rehearsal process with it in mind. The more stylised moments in the piece were highlighted with strong beams, while real firelight provided a beautiful earthy quality. The chorus were sharply crosslit on the climbing poles upstage of the set. A hazer was used throughout the show, and for about 30 minutes before the show started to ensure the atmosphere was thick with haze.


Creon / Phorbas / Chorus  SEAN HANNAWAY
Tiresius / Messenger / Chorus  MICHAEL VAUGHAN
Manto / Slave / Chorus  CHARLOTTE McDOUGALL


Director and Designer JOHN DURNIN
Lighting Designer JON PRIMROSE


Northanger Abbey

at the Northcott Theatre, Exeter.
October 1996

Lighting Design : Jon Primrose
Set Design : Kit Surrey
Directed by : John Durnin
by Jane Austen, adapted by Cathy Turner

Tin Pan Ali

April 2002
Northcott Young Company

Music by David Nield
Book & Lyrics by Jeremy James Taylor

Lighting Design: Jon Primrose
Set Design: Becky Hawkins
Directed by Rachel Vowles
Choreographed by John Whitehead
Musical Director Paul McClure

Northcott Theatre, Exeter

Bouncers by John Godber

Northcott Theatre, Exeter
February 1999

Lighting Design : Jon Primrose
Set Design : Becky Hawkins
Director : Ben Crocker

The Exeter Riddles

Outdoor performance at Belmont Park, Exeter on Saturday 23 February 2013

Jon acted as Technical Director and Lighting Designer

Artistic Director: Ian Smith, Mischief La Bas
Production Design: Ewan Hunter
Projection Design: Sumit Sarkark
Technical Director / Lighting Design: Jon Primrose
Site Manager: Dave Blencowe
Stage Manager: Paul Harvey
Pyrotechnics: Mandy Dike

Sound system: Puxley Ltd.
Additional Lighting: GLS
Staging: Sound Events
Scaffold Structure: Isca Scaffolding, Exeter

Amadeus by Peter Shaffer

Northcott Theatre, Exeter
September 1994
Lighting Design : Jon Primrose
Set Design : Kit Surrey
Director : Tim Carroll